The Shoe With The Transparent Sole
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How The Laura Britt Shoe Came To Be

Our transparent sole and ultra comfortable shoe.

Womens Vintage Susan tennis shoe floral fabric with clear sole

When my daughter, Laura Britt was still in a car seat I stopped at a garage sale near our home. I was intrigued by a pair of sneakers. They were cute but that wasn’t the only draw. I kind of could see the print through the dark, amber-like transparent sole. How unique

I don’t typically buy used shoes, but they were my size and only three bucks.

Home: machine washed—line dried. Honestly, those shoes were slipped into more than any others for the next several summers. I loved how comfortable and flexible they were from top to bottom.

Fast forward twenty years: In my mind’s eye, I saw those shoes with a twist: a classic French print through a more transparent sole. I couldn’t get them out of my mind.

In 2008, I attended Magic, an apparel and accessories mart. There, I met a shoe factory representative. He handed me his card and said, “I can make your shoes.” Walking away, I wondered if this was a divine appointment or there were a lot of manufacturers to meet.  Upon returning home I put the project on hold, because of the economic downturn.

Four years later, the same week I decided to pick my project back up and pursue my dream the factory rep emailed me. Thus, began a successful business relationship.

Jumping into the manufacturing fashion world took bravery, but I drew upon my knowledge I learned by working with the best—Nordstrom. The Nordstrom family taught me how to identify quality merchandise and the confidence to sell it.

There are times I wonder why I didn’t make headbands, but shoes are what I felt led to design. I have done my best to create a long-lasting sneaker that is fun to wear and so comfortable it will stay on your foot more than in your closet.

 - Helen Little


Here is a diagram of the comfort and quality of our shoes.  Designed with a fun sole graphic which makes them that much more unique.  Shoes may feel snug at first, but fabric stretches to fit your foot.

Info graphic of the design and construction of Laura Britt tennis shoe