The Shoe With The Transparent Sole
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Vintage- Susan


I have loved old since I was young.

It only took one barn auction in Payola, Kansas when I was 13 years old for me to fall in love with carved oak and walnut furniture. Fortunately, Seattle had many tucked away thrift shops to keep me busy through my high school years. My friends thought I was weird wearing re-purposed clothes and having refinished furniture in my garage.

Years have passed, but it is still my favorite outing, especially in the spring when garage doors are open for business. My husband, Greg got hooked early on in our relationship. He uncovers the greatest treasures and meets the most unique people.

The fine art of a vintage shopper begins with the look. which is why I designed a print matching grandma’s hankie. If you’re in your forties—your great-grandmother’s.

A tip for fellow thrifters…

  • Hop up bright and early.
  • Throw on a bohemian style top, pair of frayed jean capris and step into a pair of Laura Britt vintage shoes before you set out to follow the signs.
  • And, oh don’t forget a satchel!  It’s best to carry along a small vial of perfume or vanilla to dab under your nose—sometimes thrift shops have an odor.

Weekends: Friday night goggle local garage sales. Take note.

Week days: Value Village’s and Goodwill’s in high-end areas.

Be sure to ask for the daily discount.

Happy hunting!

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